Zelgadis Graywords


Zelgadis Graywords, Zel for short, is a character from the Japanese anime TV Series, Slayers. The first several episodes of this series have been released in the US by Software Sculptors, who assure us that they're bringing out the rest of the first season in 1998.


In fact, there are three series in all so far: Slayers, Slayers Next, and Slayers Try. Slayers Try finished its Japanese run recently, and the fourth series should be starting up in the fall.

There's also an OVA series and several movies, but these don't have Zelgadis in them. Instead, they feature the scantily-clad Naga. Hmmmmph.


Zelgadis is a powerful shamanist sorcerer who was transformed into a chimera by his grandfather/great-grandfather, Rezo the Red Priest. He's rather shy about his looks, and prefers to travel in concealing clothing and avoiding large cities. He can, and will, defend himself fairly well: he's a decent swordsman and cannot be cut by conventional swords himself, due to his rock-like skin.


Although he started out as an adversary, Zel has become a valuable member of the Slayers team, which is led by the outspoken Lina Inverse. Unfortunately, this team also includes Amelia, a squeaky little brat with a major crush on our Zel. You won't find many pictures of Amelia here for that very reason. The only reason I have any pictures of her at all is because I couldn't crop her out without slicing off a bit of Zel. Ouch!


This site focuses primarily on graphics, for there are many other sites which can provide information more intelligently than I'm capable of. If any of these pictures interest you and get you to watch the series, I've done my job!


I will warn you, though, that the picture pages all feature thumbnails and can take forever to load. They're all my personal pics, though, not just some pile of recycled .jpgs leeched off other sites.


OK, so I stole ONE.


Anyway, you know the drill...check out the pics, visit the sites on my links page, and if you have any questions feel free to write me at ZELGADlS@aol.com.





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