Opinions voiced on this page are just that, opinions. If your views are different, well, give me some convincing arguments to change my mind!


(Betcha can't think of any, can you?)

I've gotten a little flak about my militant Anti-Amelia stance on this page. However, I've yet to see a good argument to persuade me to LIKE the little brat! Here are my reasons for disliking everyone's darling:

1. She's a crybaby. OK, OK, so Usagi brought them into fashion, but crybabies STILL annoy the hell out of me. The Slayers gang gets into a lot of tough spots, and it's not fair that Amelia should take time out to cry about every little thing. She doesn't show enough maturity to handle the spells she's been casting. Contrast Amelia's reasons for crying with Shilfiel's and Amelia ends up looking pretty shallow, no? Disclaimer: I do NOT mean to insult Sailor Moon with this argument. I know that comparing her to Amelia is pretty harsh, but Usagi/Moon is one of my favorite characters. I know that being a crybaby is a minor weakness compared to Usagi's many strengths, and that she matures beautifully throughout the series, unlike SOME characters. My apologies to any Sailor Moon fans that are replulsed by the comparison.

2. The Elektra complex thing. Give it up! You might love your Daddy, but he ain't THAT great. I've taken to referreing to Amelia as the Elektra Complex Kid, or "ECK" for short. The only other phrase that comes close to describing her is hehiri-mushi, and I guess you better look that up yourself.

3. Cuteness. I don't get it. Everyone calls this girl cute, but I don't see it. As far as acting childish, well, she's got that down pat...if she gets any more kawaii in that regard, I'll make her go sit in a corner with Chibi Usa. She's NOT particularly pretty. Shil's got everyone beat as far as prettiness, and Lina's a damn close second. All the fancy clothes in the world can't make Amelia look as pretty as Lina did in her wedding dress.

If young means cute, well, hers wore off about 10 years ago. Grow up, girl!

4. Whiny voice. Her Japanese seiyuu is a bit more tolerable than her English VA, but still...I saw the nails on the chalkboard analogy pop up on a message board, and I agree. However, I can't say that her voice should be any less whiny. It fits her character well.

5. STOP THAT DAMN JUMPING AROUND! You're a klutz, remember? Practice standing upright first. If I want to see someone standing in a tree, I'll look for Xelloss.

6. Intelligence...or lack of same. Does this girl ever have an original thought? She's no judge of right vs. wrong, her comments can be more inappropriate than Gourry's, and she's of no value in any strategic sense. Her main function seems to be as a backup mage and sounding board for Lina's thoughts. One way to learn is to attempt to explain things to an extraordinarily dense person...so if Gourry's not handy, Lina can pontificate to the ECK. Note, she's just a backup dunce, not first-string.

7, last, and most important....

STOP HANGING ALL OVER ZEL! It's puke-provoking. NO one wants to see the two of you get involved. Zel is SO far above you that it's not funny. He deserves better.

You're wrong for Zel for a variety of reasons. He's shy and dislikes undue attention, which your antics certainly provoke. He's quiet and mature for his years, while you...well, I'll stop there. He might like you, but look how quick he was to walk away when he found someone who truly attracted him...OK, so Miwan was a guy, but he didn't know that at the time.

Throughout the Next series, the creators seem so obsessed with pairing the two of you up that Zel gets very, very little solo air time. He never gets to talk to anyone unless he's sharing his thoughts with the group. He always has to share the spotlight, and for that I can't forgive you.

Ahhh, I feel better now...thanks for giving me the chance to vent.


(p.s. to M.C. : what was that? The Princess of Puberty? Yeah, I'll admit she's got some growing to do, but that's hardly a convincing argument! <g> )



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