The Slayers Mailing List is here to stay!



The Mailing List has matured nicely and has over 200 members from at least 14 countries. On the list, you'll find discussions about Slayers from episode one to the latest movie, as well as information about Slayers toys and goods, release info, fanfic discussion, and other chatter from people who love the series as much as I do. I've made a few good friends via this list. To join the Slayers mailing list, send a letter to with the words SUBSCRIBE SLAYERS-LIST <your_first_name> <your_last_name>

(all one one line) in the body of the message. Be sure to use your real name instead of <your_real_name>, and be sure to use the SUBSCRIBE SLAYERS-LIST command in the body of the message. You don't need a subject line, and don't use quotes, please. That's it! You should get a confirmation letter shortly afterward telling you where to send messages and what the rules are for this particular list. The rules are actually pretty simple: no binaries (pictures or sounds and the like), no personal attacks, no chain letters, no sub-vs-dub debate, and no one-liners. Of course, if you have binaries to trade, you can always announce them on the list and then trade them trade them privately.

I've started concealing all the names on the list so that spammers can't grab new mailing addresses from the ranks. As soon as a subscription is processed, the name is concealed.

Please keep the letter you get at the time of subscription, as it contains important information about how the list works and how to unsubscribe, God forbid, in case you'd ever want to. :D

I hope to see your name on the subscribers list!





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