7/1 News and Updates:


The mailing list has been taking up a lot of my time lately, and I love it. Check out the ML page for info on joining, since more voices are ALWAYS better. We have about 200 members now, but many of them are a lot like Zelgadis...quiet observers until things get heated. I get so busy with the list that this page often suffers, but I DO have many new pics and I hope to post 'em soon.


I've also be in contact with the new voice of Zelgadis in the Software Sculptors dub, Crispin Freeman. Check out the Voice page for more info.

I've been concentrating more on Sailor Moon in my purchases, but I HAVE picked up the gorgeous Takara-made Lina Inverse doll that you may have seen at an exhorbitant price on your favorite dealer's table at a local con. It's worth every penny. I'm looking for the 3-d vinyl keychains, but they're pretty tough to locate. I also added a few of the Italian dolls a while back, including a kawaii Zel figurine which now sits on my desk, watching me type. Katsucon was fantastic, the first place I had seen the Bandai LMFigures of Filia and Lina. Why are there no Zelgadis full-sized dolls?

Have you seen the Chroma-cels? They're VERY cool, and Zel's in one of 'em. They'll be sold at AX98 as well as many retail outlets, so pick them up if you see 'em! Only 5000 of each will be produced!


I think that's it.





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