I'm not alone in my Zelgadis obsession. The Royal Fool, keeper of The Royal Fool's Slayers page, is similarly afflicted. In fact, it's that excellent page that gave me the idea to make my own, purely-Zelgadis page! Be sure to vote for your favorite character (hint, hint) in the Character Poll. The Fool now has a fairly extensive collection of MP3's to download, too!


When it comes to total Slayers information, though, no one can beat Lina Inverse's Slayers page. Lina, like me, seems hooked on graphics and multimedia, so when you visit be sure your connection is a fast one. It's worth the bother, since this site is loaded with great information and links.


Mark Carson's page caught my eye not only for it's threatening message for me (ha! I'll never give up bashing that little brat!) but because it's a truly informative, fast-loading page with a TON of useful links, including an archive of the mailing list. You'll find no frames, no inline sounds (which I hate) and no glitz here, just pure Slayers. Look here for detailed information about all the CD-ROMs, too.


Xelloss's Slayers Page is quickly becoming a favorite. You'll find Next summaries, Try summaries, character info, and detailed Spell information here. You'll be very glad that web-Xelloss doesn't keep as many secrets as his namesake! Xelloss now has an image gallery, too...check it out!


Anasir's Slayers Picture Page contains a LOT of pictures, sure...and if that alone doesn't convince you to visit, check out her Shopping Guide for tips on getting Slayers stuff via the Web. I've used it too many times myself!


Varnden's Slayers Site is a wonderful informational page, with character info, spell info, and some great stuff on the Try music. Varnden promises an image gallery soon, and since he's got more chance of getting current stuff than many of us, I expect great things!


Super Vulcan-jin Spock-sama's Slayers Room doesn't have just an interesting title - it also has pictures, summaries, and assorted goodies. Spocky (don't ask, but believe me, the name works for him) is doing a detailed analysis of Slayers music that will be a tremendous help when CD-shopping. Visitors can also stop or start the inlined MIDI file as they wish...a nice feature!


Zelgadis's Slayers Room has some VERY nice, unique (although some look very...familiar) pictures of the Blue One. This site is a marvelous example of Zel worship. If you like Zel, you just GOTTA go here.


Queen Megumi's Rezo Shrine gives you a chance to meet the guy who cursed Zelgadis, up close and personal. Please, do NOT attempt any violent acts of revenge.


When you're hooked enough to start buying all this Slayers stuff, stop by the Software Sculptors web site to have a look at their English dubbed and subbed Slayers videos. Only four, so far...sigh. Not much info at this site, but you do get to see pictures of the video boxes so you know what to look for at Blockbuster.


If you want goodies beyond the four videos, you might be interested in visiting Nikaku Animart. They have a fairly decent collection of Slayers merchandise, including art books and the calendar. Don't feel like loading another web page? You can always send them a mail message with "catalog" as the subject line. You'll get a full text catalog and store info in your mailbox in a few minutes.



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