Fan submissions: pictures, fanfics, and anything else!


Stuff people have sent me. I LOVE these creations, since I'm not a particularly artistic person and admire the creativity of those gifted people who can take something they love, adding their own personal touches to create something unique.


This page will be constantly updated, depending on what arrives in my mailbox.

First, there's the first (that I know of) Zelgadis-based fanfic, "Into the Dream," by Stormdancer Yomochi,


Download Part One

Download Part Two

Download Part Three

Download Part Four

Download Part Five

More to follow!

NEW! Here's a fanfic by Sara Barton and her sister, featuring the whole Slayers gang!

I'm also pleased to present a series of three pictures by another Zel fan, MaryJo Wood:


That's all I have for now. If you've drawn a picture or written a story that you'd like to see displayed here, please feel free to send it to me at I'll credit you as you wish.



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