There is a link to time.  Is the Amethyst in the ring 1000 years old.  Perhaps a Jaguar God of the Toltecs?
No puzzle here.  It's not about oil.  It's about money, but is there a difference.

Read at your own risk. Morons invade the Beltway.

Democracy/Freedom Late of the USA.

State of the Union? The jobs yours Al, you got 500,000 more votes. That would be democracy!

Whore Press
"This may create a problem for our hero because Mabel's girls work
like politicians. They get their hands and lips moving at the
same time."

Privilege Reality
"don't waste that training time and money on me, give the training
in those combat planes to someone who might actually get near a war."

State of the Union
"The increase in property taxes that will be required in every state
because of the loss of Federal funds is a temporary condition, and
we will remedy that by making it a permanent condition of the foreseeable

Fictitious Entities
"Now what the hell are you talkin' about? Tax cuts. Class warfare.
The morons will never figure it out says our dyslexic hero who shall go
unnamed, but doesn't believe in democracy or he would have said, "the
job is yours Al, you got half a million more votes."

Democracy Freedom
"Americans. Actually, he's going to steal it for oil companies, and I'm
not really sure these are Americans. Specifically, probably a Cayman
Islands registered, offshore group of multinational fictitious entities."

"You've got to get me before the Congress so I can build my resume.
I'll stand there and lie like hell, and that should get me a plum job
in the White House."

Trickle-Down Economics
"Pay attention, because this is complicated. Give the governments money
to the very wealthy and they will do business things that will cause
trickle effects to the little people. I got one of my trickle downs

Only in the USA
"Only in America, home of democracy, can you get a president who doesn't
believe in democracy."






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Morons look normal.  It's the results of their actions you need to worry about.

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The inteligence level just leaps out at you, don't you think?  Even if there is a 97% DNA match, "W" is taller.

Trickle-Down Economics

Bottoms-Up Economics






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