Step in line, step in line folks! Don't miss out on the miracles of Dr. Yiler! Hey now! No pushing. Right this way ma'am. And here's one for you sir. The demand for these products is so high, that we are on back order! Witness the wonder and amazement of Dr. Yiler! Dr. Yiler has traveled the world to bring you these renowned elixirs, cures, and oddities! Dr. Yiler's Traveling medicine Show features 3 miraculous and revolutionary remedies

  1. Dr. Yiler's Miracle Elixir
  2. Dr. Yile's Pep Pills
  3. Dr. Yiler's Amazonian Love Potion

Our products are packaged in authentic glass amber bottles!

And while you're here, don't forget to peruse the oddities that have been made available to you through our gift shop! Stop by and see Larry the Shrunken Head, and Hamlet the Mummified Fetal Pig! All here for your wonder and amusement!

BE THERE When Dr. Yiler comes to town!

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