Rocketship's Final Landing

Rocketships existed only in science fiction and comic books when Jocko Henderson first named his popular radio program "Rocketship," but generations of radio listeners have recognized his signature refrain. Old-timers, like one who contributed to this editorial, still remember the words:

The rockets are lined up side by side,

Ready to take the most exciting ride.

From the earth to the moon, we're about to go

With your rocketship engineer Jocko.

Like everything else, radio ain't what it used to be, but pioneers like Jocko played key roles in its development.

It took death to silence Jocko's silver-throated voice Saturday. He was 82, and had been ailing for years, but fans (who probably never knew until now that his real name was Douglas) will remember him as he was: young, irrepressible, dynamic - and fun.