Apple Computer invited both amateur and professional photographers alike to participate in Spin-o-Rama, MacWorld's first and biggest virtual reality event ever. Spin-o-Rama was Apple's way of demonstrating the ease, fun and utility of the Apple QuickTime VR Authoring Studio for creating virtual reality experiences.

On January 8th, 200 photographers disseminated to various spots within one square mile of Moscone Center, the site of this year's MacWorld San Francisco. The intent was to create an expansive Virtual Reality landscape around Moscone Center. After January 19, 1998 you will be able to experience the final QuickTime VR movies here.

Apple's QTVR guru Dave Palermo being interviewed by a reporter from KGO radio.   Pat St. Clair from Visual In-Seitz (Rochester, NY) and Sam Merrell from PDN.   Sam shoots Dave to identify Dave's film.

Dave at work.

  An unidentified participant with one of the QTVR rigs based on a disposable camera, bubble level, PVC pipe and piece of paper giving rotation instructions.

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