When I make presentations on digital imaging, I'm often asked to recommend reference books. Two books are presently at the top of my recommendation list:

Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grota
ISBN 0-07-025067-7
(1994) $49.95
As the name implies, this book is designed for individuals who want to use digital imaging technology as a tool and has excellent "working level' coverage of digital imaging topics.


DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING: Principles and Application
Gregory A. Baxes
ISBN 0-471-00949-0
John Wiley & Sons, Inc
(1994) $39.95
Available from Image Ware Systems Group, PO Box 621291, Littleton, CO 80162
Voice 303-979-5255, Fax 303-979-0585
This is the book I call "digital image processing for mere mortals". It takes a non-mathematically rigorous approach to digital imaging technology. If you don't know a Fourier transform from bus ticket but still want a better understanding of digital imaging, this is your book.

Agfa has an excellent series of publications covering digital imaging topics including:

The Secrets of Color Management
A Guide to Digital Photography
Introduction to Digital Scanning
An Introduction to Digital Photo Imaging
An Introduction to Digital Color Printing

Check out the Agfa website at http://www.agfahome.com/publications/pubs-overview.html for information on how to order these publications:

An English translation of a book published in Japan has just become available. It's called:

The comprehensive Guide to Digital Imaging with Photoshop
Akira Kasai and Russell Sparkman (Translated by Elizabeth Hurley)
ISBN 1-56205-762-6
New Riders Publishing
(1997) $60.00

You've probably used Photoshop's Unsharp Mask filter, but do you really understand what happens to an image when you vary the Amount, Radius and Threshold levels? The book shows what happens using pictures and diagrams. The authors have done a great job of presenting such information in an easy to understand manner. I recommend the book to anyone interested in learning more about the "workings" of digital imaging.

There is a new Digital Imaging Processing textbook written by Ken Castleman. It's designed as a college level text, but the description on Ken's Pixel Page makes it sound like an excellent reference volume on the topic.

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