Here are some images taken during my digital photography workshop at the Berks Camera Club's 38th Annual Photography Conference held 20-22 June 1997 at the Kutztown University, Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

Here are the references I talked about in my presentation:

For those just starting out, I recommend:

Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grotta
ISBN 0-07-025067-7
(1994) $49.95
As the name implies, this book is designed for individuals who want to use digital imaging technology as a tool and has excellent "working level' coverage of digital imaging topics.

For those who want a better understanding of digital image processing technology I recommend:

DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING: Principles and Application
Gregory A. Baxes
ISBN 0-471-00949-0
John Wiley & Sons, Inc
(1994) $39.95

This is the book I call "digital image processing for mere mortals". It takes a non-mathematically rigorous approach to digital imaging technology. If you don't know a Fourier transform from bus ticket but still want a better understanding of digital imaging, this is your book. Greg's web page can be found at

Agfa also puts out an excellent series of digital imaging and digital printing publications. A description of the available publications, including an interactive CD-ROM guide to digital color prepress that I highly recommend, is available on Agfa's web page at

The Eastman Kodak Digital Learning Center located on the World Wide Web (WWW) at URL is an excellent free source of information for those starting out in digital imaging.

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