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Three Lutheran ministers, including Reverend Wilhelm Christoph Berkenmeyer, travel to Rhinebeck and forcefully depose the confrontational Reverend John Christopher Hartwick. He moves on to Pennsylvania.

John Cannon is awarded a water lot grant in Manhattan, with the stipulation that he widen Water Street out to the East River. ** A party of French and Indians, including Ottawa chief Pontiac, capture five English traders led by John Patton, agent to George Croghan, en route to Pickawillany, Ohio. With the exception of trader Edgar Bangen who escapes during the night, the prisoners are taken by the French to Fort Niagara.

May 2
Major John André is born in London to a Swiss merchant and his wife.

May 3
Trader Evert Wendell dies in Albany at the age of 69.

May 10
English-Iroquois go-between William Johnson writes to New York governor George Clinton, to complain of the French governor, the Marquis de la Joinquière, who is offering rewards for the heads of traders George Croghan and Hugh Lowry.

Jun 18
De la Joinquière receives a letter from Clinton protesting the French presence at the Niagara River portage and demanding its removal.

Sep 20
Benjamin Franklin prints Swedish scientist Peter Kalm's account of his visit to Niagara Falls in the Pennsylvania Gazette.

Dec 3
John Gay's The Beggar's Opera has its New York City debut. Nearly 300 attend, paying 3 shillings for the gallery and 5 for the pit. It will be given five performances, running into next year.

Dec 17
William Johnson writes to Clinton, resigning his post as Indian agent.

Peter Williamson, shanghaied in Aberdeen, Scotland, and sold into slavery, escapes from New York, but is captured by Cherokee Indians. ** Population: 13,000; 2500 of the number blacks. ** John Watts builds a residence at Broadway and Battery Park, adjoining that of Archibald Kennedy.

The approximate date Peoria is founded, in Albany County. ** A few German families settle the future Albany County town of Bern. About this date some families begin moving into the western end of Ulster County. ** The approximate date settlement of the Cobleskill area begins.

George Montagu Dunk, earl of Halifax, president of the Board of Trade, begins receiving reports from the governors of New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and South Carolina, telling of threatening moves by the French in the Ohio Valley.



Feb 25
The first performing monkey exhibited in America is shown in New York City.

Immigrant Theophylact Bache arrives from England and forms a business with an uncle by marriage and another partner.



Feb 21
Businessman Nathaniel Rochester is born in Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Peter Williamson, having left the Cherokee, returns to the city and secures passage to England.

Troy's first house is built.

New Hampshire
Syracuse, New York, co-founder Ephraim Webster is born in Hampstead.

William Murray, solicitor general to the king, grants the Vermont area to New Hampshire, disappointing New York's claims.



A theater opens on Nassau Street, designed for the presentation of ballad opera.

The French build a wagon road across the southern tier, along the future path of Route 17. ** The maximum amount of land permitted in an individual's grant is reduced from 2000 acres to 1000.



Jan 30
Future Albany mayor John Lansing is born there.

Jun 19
25 delegates from seven colonies, including Pennsylvania's Benjamin Franklin, hold the Albany Congress to discus confederation. Other representatives have come from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Maryland. Franklin advises the formation of a series of land companies as a barrier against the French.

Jul 10
The Plan of Union is tentatively adopted by the Albany Congress.

Jul 17
King's College (later Columbia University) opens in New York City.

Oct 31
A royal charter is granted to King's College.

Future governor Lewis Morgan is born to Francis York Morgan and his wife Elizabeth Annesly Morgan. ** Scots-born Charleston, North Carolina, doctor-botanist Alexander Garden moves to Coldengham, New York, near the estate of his friend, politician Cadwalladar Colden. Naturalist John Bartram, collecting in the Catskills, visits the two men. ** Dutch settlers arrive in the Berlin area of Albany County under the Van Rensselaer patroonship.

Surveyor Andrew Ellicott, brother of land agent Joseph Ellicott, is born to a Quaker family in Bucks County.

James Wells opens a stage and boat line, running twice a week between New York City and Philadelphia.


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