Jan 17
New York City businessman Theophylact Bache is born in Settle, England.

Aug 4
John Peter Zenger, defended by Philadelphia lawyer Andrew Hamilton, is acquitted in a libel case in New York City, establishing the tradition of Freedom of the Press in America. The popular party toasts Hamilton that night.

Aug 5
Zenger is discharged. Hamilton sails for Philadelphia, honored by salutes from ships in the harbor.

New York's Common Council votes Andrew Hamilton the freedom of the city ­ a seal in a gold box.

The first almshouse is built. ** Paul Richard is appointed mayor. ** Trinity Church is enlarged.]

Ganiodaio (Handsome Lake), half-brother of Cornplanter, is born. ** A gold mine in the Catskills is inspected for a claimant rumored to be colonial governor William Cosby.



Mar 10
Governor William Cosby dies of consumption. Captain Peter Warren, brother-in-law of Cosby's associate James Delancey, will pick up Crosby's 14,000 acres on the south bank of the Mohawk, for £110.

John Peter Zenger publishes an account of his 1734 trial for seditious libel.



Apr 9
A closed council of Iroquois chiefs is called at Onondaga to decide the fate of the Delaware, who signed away Iroquois land to the Proprietors of Pennsylvania. Iroquois chief Canassatego condemns them to move from their homes immediately to Pennsylvania's Wyoming and Shamokin valleys, and to never trade land again. Some move on to the Ohio country, away from Iroquois power.

Apr 29
New York State landowner Peter Warren writes to his sister's son, 21-year-old William Johnson, in County Meath, Ireland, offering him a job as manager of his lands along the Mohawk River and asking him to recruit fellow villagers to settle the new lands.

Jun 7
Johnson receives the letter from Warren.

Jun 10
Johnson travels around County Meath recruiting settlers.

Dec 18
An earthquake measuring the equivalent of approximately 5.0 on today's Richter Scale strikes the New York City area.

Johannes Klemm, a Moravian organ builder, builds the first American-built organ, for Trinity Church. ** Irish military officer William Johnson arrives from England. ** Trinity Church is enlarged for the second time in two years.

A farmhouse is built in Kinderhook for Luykas Van Alen.



Mar 16
William Johnson, newly arrived from Ireland along with twelve families from County Meath recruited by Johnson as settlers, meets his uncle and boss Peter Warren in Boston, learns of his new duties in New York colony.

William Johnson settles in the Mohawk Valley.

New Jersey
Lewis Morris is appointed royal governor, ending a 36-year joint governorship under New York.



Jun 30
William Johnson travels to Albany, purchases a strip of land a quarter mile long and a mile in depth to the north across from his farm on the Mohawk River, for 180 pounds.

Jul 24
Johnson writes to his uncle Peter Warren, defending his land purchase and stating his intention to build a mill on it, but not of living there.

Jul 26
Future governor George Clinton is born at Little Britain, Ulster (later Orange) County.

Former shipper, slave trader and alderman John Cruger is appointed mayor, remains for five one-year terms.


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