Jun 14
New York's new Royal governor Robert Hunter arrives in New York City, bringing 3,000 Palatine Germans from Europe to produce naval stores. They will move up the Hudson to the Schoharie region later in the year.

Sep 13
Rabbi Abraham DeLucena petitions New York governor Hunter to exempt him, as a minster, from bearing any civilian or military office in the city, as was done for previous leaders of his church.

Nov 25
Suffolk County's Islip is recognized as a town.

German-born John Peter Zenger arrives. ** Jacobus Van Cortlandt is appointed mayor.

German Palatines are settled on 6,000 acres, in the future Columbia County, bought back by the Massachusetts government from Robert Livingston. It will become Germantown. ** The approximate date the Beekman area of Dutchess County is first settled.



Caleb Heathcote is appointed mayor; serves to 1714. ** Zenger goes to work as an apprentice in government printer William Bradford's 81 Pearl Street shop.

Recently arrived Palatine immigrants travel up the Hudson River to Albany. Scouts sent to the west to check out the Mohawk Valley are delighted with the spot where Fox's Creek empties into the Schoharie River and recommend the area. Between 600 and 700 encamp at East Camp and West Camp. ** English fortifications at Fort Nicholson, at the Great Carrying Place (Fort Edward) are abandoned.

Parliament establishes a postal system for British colonies, with a deputy postmaster in New York City.



Apr 7
Newly-arrived African Slaves revolt in New York City, killing eight whites and injuring over twenty others.

Apr 12
Twenty-one blacks are burned or hanged after the slave revolt. Six others are recaptured. Legislation will be passed later in the year to tighten controls.

Settlers in the Mohawk Valley found the village of Schoharie. ** The approximate date the Tuscarora tribe emigrates to the state and joins the Iroquois Confederacy.



John Wise publishes Churches Quarrel Espoused , justifying Congregationalism. ** A dispute breaks out among members of Christ Church during an assembly, over a certificate of good behavior for curate Francis Philips, to be sent to Philadelphia's Church of England. Reverend William Vesey has the dissidents on the vestry board replaced.

Dutchess County, provisionally annexed to Ulster County since its 1683 founding, is given separate representation in the General Assembly.



Feb 13
Carpenter James Lee and his wife visit New York's Trinity Church's sexton William Dobbs before noon, don't leave until 8 in the evening. Lee notices Dobbs has a scratch on his hand. Trinity Church is broken into by someone in the evening who desecrates vestments and scatters books in the churchyard.

Feb 15
Trinity sexton William Dobbs testifies before the city council, recounts finding the vandalism at the church early the previous morning. The council examines more witnesses. Aldermen and justices of the peace John Cruger and Abraham Wandell testify that they examined other witnesses. No conclusions are reached. Trinity rector Vesey petitions the council to protect him and the church, detailing the desecration, and pointing out that he has learned from undersheriff Barnes that "a person or persons at the house of Robert Drummond" had threatened mischief against Vesey. The council calls for depositions from Barnes, Garrat van Iaar, Jane van Iaar, and Mary Guest. ** Church officers, lead by Gualtherus Du Bois, offer a £15 reward for information on the perpetrators. ** The council clears Dobbs of any suspicion.

Aug 26
Schenectady resident Adam Vrooman purchases 1100 acres of land in the future Schoharie County, site of the town of Fulton.


John Johnson is appointed mayor, serves to 1719.


Androboros , the first play written and printed in the colonies, is published by Governor Hunter.


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