Mar 20
Amsterdam merchants William Banker and Hero May write to advise officers of New York they will be arranging the freedom of hostages of the Barbary pirates and that Trinity Church funds from the colony, sent for the same purpose will be returned..

The population reaches 5,000. ** Isaac De Reimer (D. Dromer) is appointed mayor. ** The second City Hall is completed, at the north end of Broad Street.

A Colonel Romer arrives in Iroquois country, and is instructed to view the "burning spring" near Bristol. ** The approximate date Don Manuel Gonzales moves from Ulster County's Rochester with his family and settles in Mamakating Hollow, in the future Sullivan County.

The Massachusetts General Court and New York State banish Roman Catholic priests. New York mandates hanging for any priests entering the colony to influence the Indians.



May 13
Robert Livingston writes to the Board of Trade in London, praising the Iroquois Nations for their friendly relations with the colony.

Thomas Noell is appointed mayor.

New York State adopts a policy of neutrality toward the Canadian French. ** Johannis Hardenbergh petitions New York's governor for grants of small tracts of lands in the Catskills. ** Wealthy miller Frederick Philipse dies, leaving his Yonkers home and property to his grandson Frederick. ** Royal governor Richard Coote, Earl of Bellomont, dies suddenly.



Mar 8
The first court sessions for Orange County are held at Tappantown (in today's Rockland County town of Orangetown.)

Apr 17
East and West Jersey are united as a royal province by Queen Anne, under the governor of New York.

Edward Hyde, Viscount Cornbury, a cousin of Queen Anne, begins serving as royal governor in New York, replacing the late Lord Bellomont.

New York City mayor Thomas Hood dies.

Oct 19
Philip French is appointed mayor of New York City.

Nov 24
New York's Reverend John Talbot writes to a Mr. Gillingham, telling him of a recent week-long convocation held there by seven clergymen, on ways to spread the gospel.

Nov 26
The Reverend George Keith preaches in New York's Trinity Church. Afterwards Governor Cornbury invites him and church rector William Vesey to dine with him at Fort Henry. Cornbury passes along his recommendations for justices of the peace, ocassioned by "abusive entertainment" suffered by Keith at the hands of local Quakers.

Dec 9
Westchester County manorholder Frederick Philipse makes out his will, leaves his son Adolph the portion of Philipsburgh Manor north of Dobbs Ferry, including the town of Mount Pleasant.

Dec 10
New York French Church minister the Reverend Peter Peiret petitions Lord Cornbury to resume a salary prevously received from the city due to the smallness of his congregation, for his living expenses. Cornbury agrees to a £20 per year pension until Peiret's death.

The corporation of the city cedes land to the vestry of Trinity Church, as long as the churchyard will be maintained neatly. ** A three-month epidemic apparently come in from St. Thomas, kills off nearly one-tenth of the population.

Jesuit missionary Julien Garnier returns from Canada to live for a while with the Seneca again. ** Johannis Hardenbergh petitions the governor for permision to purchase 250 acres of land northwest of Kingston from the local tribes. The tracts, called Sakewanneekcock and Pog Kanecook by the Indians, will become part of the Town of Woodstock. **

Former Jesuit missionary to the Seneca Julien Garnier dies in Québec at the age of 87.



Apr 29
The Wawayanda Patent in Orange County is awarded to Dr. John Bridges.

Jun 25
The Ulster County town of Rochester, named for the Earl of Rochester, is incorporated by patent.

Oct 14
City government moves from the Dutch Stadt Huys on Pearl Street to City Hall on Wall Street.

William Peartree is appointed mayor, serves to 1707.



Feb 28
French immigrant Elias Neau opens the first school for blacks in New York City.

The Westchester County town of Bedford has its 1697 rights confirmed by the colonial government.

May 20
Queen Anne's patent of confirmation is awarded to New York State patroon Killian van Rennssalaer, son of Jeremiah.

Jul 18
The rector and trustees of Trinity Church petition royal governor Cornbury to regain unused money set aside in1697 for the ransom of those kidnapped by Barbaray pirates, for the church's buildng funds. It's referred to committee.

The committee approves the petition.

Dormer Island in the Bronx has become Dorman's Island. ** Mrs. Sarah Knight travels from Boston to New York and returns, describing her journey in The Private Journal .