A New York City jury, considering the legality of East Jersey governor Philip Carteret's title, approves his right to rule.

Colonial governor Edmund Andros attends a session of the East Jersey assembly, then dissolves it.

Jun 31
New Amsterdam minister Olave Stevens convenes church and local officials at his home to determine methods of raising money to build the new Dutch church recommended by Governor Andros.

A comet appears over the northern colonies, causing Increase Mather to preach a sermon on Heaven's Alarm to the World , and the Hudson River Dutch to petition for a day of fasting and humiliation.

William Dyre is appointed mayor for the year.

Abraham, Jacob and Catherine Schellinger, children of East Hampton settler Jacobus Schellinger, needing land to farm, move three miles east and found Amagansett.



Mar 4
William Penn receives the grant for his colony from Charles II. It includes land overlapping New York colony as far north as Syracuse.

The Duke of York's charter for the colony is granted. ** William Dyre is appointed mayor for the second year in a row. ** The flour trade revenue over the past three years totals £2,000.

Frederick Philipse erects a house on the Nepperhan River, at the future site of Yonkers.



Former mayor Cornelius Van Steenwyck is appointed mayor again. He will be reappointed next year as well.

Governor Thomas Dongan, a Catholic, arrives in New York City from England, to assume command of the colony.



Mar 7
New York City petitions the Crown to have East Jersey reannexed, to fend off a competing colony across the Hudson.

Oct 17
New York holds its first English representative assembly and adopts a charter of liberties.

Oct 30
New York City's first Roman Catholic services are held.

Nov 1
New York's Albany, Dukes, Westchester, Ulster, Cornwall, Dutchess, New York, Orange, Queens (including Hempstead and Oyster Bay), and Richmond (Staten Island) counties are founded by Royal Governor Thomas Dongan; Richmond named for the Earl of Richmond. Long Island's East Riding of Yorkshire is organized as Suffolk County. Martin's Vineyard, in Dukes County, later becomes Martha's Vineyard, part of Massachusetts. Queens includes today's Nassau County with the towns of Flushing, Jamaica and Newtown (which runs from Long Island City to Elmhurst). ** Kings County (Brooklyn) is formed, with the towns of Brooklyn, Bushwick, Flatbush, Flatlands, Gravesend and New Utrecht.

Nov 28
The Connecticut-New York boundary dispute is settled by committee, temporarily.

The city begins producing commercial grade flour, and is granted a monopoly.

The French leave the Seneca country. Jesuit missionary Father Jiulien Garnier returns to New France. ** The General Assembly of Freeholders reorganizes the province's governmental structure into 12 counties.



The Connecticut Assembly approves the border with New York.

June 16
James II names the Reverend Josias Clarke chaplain to the garrison at New York.

Jul 30
The Iroquois renew peace treaties with Governor Dongan, at Albany.

Sep 6
The New York governor and council grants a requested tax exemption for Lutheran Church premises, as is done with other congregations.

Nov 4
The village of Schenectady is patented.

New and Beaver Streets are paved. The first watch is appointed. A Latin school is opened under the management of a Jesuit priest. ** Gabriel Minvielle is appointed mayor for the year.

Father Hennepin publishes Description de la Louisiane nouvellement decouverte, in France, reports seeing a giant waterfall between lakes Erie and Ontario - Niagara Falls.

War breaks out again between the Five Nations and France, in western New York; is settled by the peace of September 5th, at Famine Cove, on Lake Ontario.