Dec 1
Long Island's Montaukett Indians convey the Nine Score Acre Purchase to John Mulford, Reverend Thomas James and Jeremiah Conkling of East Hampton.

Staaten Eyelandt (Staten Island) is purchased for the third and final time from the Indians. ** The Morris family bring black slaves from Barbados to their home in the Bronx. ** Brewer Jacob Van Couwenhoven dies and creditors, including Oloff Stevenson Van Cortlandt, take over the brewery.

Father Etienne de Carheil visits the Cayuga near Union Springs, Cayuga County, to help Father Garnier. Around this time the chapel of St. Jacques is established at Boughton Hill. Father Pierre Raffeix arrives in the area, after founding a mission at La Prairie, near Montréal. Father Fremin returns to Montréal. ** Hempstead minister's son Daniel Denton visits Hempstead Plains. He writes A Brief Description of New York, describing Long Island.



Benjamin Johnson is appointed executioner for New Amsterdam.

Benjamin Johnson, having been given the job of building a stone-lined well behind the Stadt Huys, at Pearl Street and Coentes Slip, is paid 195 florins for his work.

Aug 11
Royal governor Francis Lovelace grants a petition by Lutheran minister Jacobus Fabritius to deliver a farewell sermon to his New York City parishioners.

Dutch minister Samuel Driscus petitions for two years of salary in arrears, but is paid only £100 because he was sick one year. The council recommends that the church's elders and deacons supply him with further aid. ** Former mayor Thomas Delavall is appointed mayor for this year. ** Captain John Manning moves to Minnahannock (later Hog, Blackwell's, then Roosevelt Island), which he purchased in 1666.

Volkert Jansen Douw acquires the Hudson River's Houghtaling Island.



Peter Stuyvesant dies in New York City, in his early sixties.

Jul 18
Mohawk land in the Albany area is patented to Jan Hendricksen van Baal, purportedly based on an Indian deed - The Normans Kill Patent.

Dec 10
Governor Francis Lovelace announces monthly mail service between New York and Boston.

Matthias Nicholls is appointed mayor for the year. ** The population reaches 5,000.

Father Pierre Raffeix visits the Cayuga.



Jan 16
British governor Colonel Francis Lovelace establishes once-a-month post service to Boston.

Jan 22
The first mail run is completed.

Jul 30
A Dutch fleet captures New York City, retaking the colony and New Jersey, renaming the city New Amsterdam.

John Lawrence is appointed mayor for the next two years. ** The approximate date the city executioner Benjamin Johnson is convicted of heading a gang of thieves. He's whipped, deprived of one ear, and banished. ** Carolus Allard's Orbis Habitablis, a Dutch pictorial tour of the world, contains a line engraving that includes a distance view of lower Manhattan.

Father Raffeix returns to the Genesee area. Father Jean Pierron also visits the area. ** The Dutch rename Albany Willemstadt.



Feb 19
The Treaty of Westminster restores New Amsterdam and New Jersey to the English. The city's name reverts to New York.

Feb 23
Albany Lutheran minister Jacobus Frabitius becomes abusive to his sickly wife Annetje Cornelis who he's had sleeping in the attic all winter. He then leaves the house.

Feb 24
Annetje Cornelis petitions city officials, who grant her possession of the house and issue a restraining order against her husband.

Jun 8
Fabritius is again ordered to not approach Annetje Cornelis without her consent.

Jul 1
The Duke of York makes Sir Edmund Andros governor of New York.

Jul 11
Fabritius enters his wife's house without permission, to place a chest inside, pushes a woman named Barentie and her spinning wheel off the road, and physically resist soldiers sent to remove him.

Jul 17
Fabritius is fined 100 florins and made to apologize to the court, thus avoiding banishment.

Mayor William Dervall levies the colony's first tax. ** The sovereignty transfer ceremony is held at the State House (Stadt-Huys). ** Law courts are held at the State House. ** Augsburg Congregationists Vrit Wessels, Lauwerens Andross, Martan Meyers, and Casper Steinmets petition Governor Andros upon his arrival, to have a promised Lutheran minister sent from Holland and for a yearly salary to be paid to him.

Dutch carpenter Frederick Philips acquires land on the east bank of the Hudson River including much of present-day Westchester County. ** Charles II renews his brother the Duke of York's claims to the colony. ** Scottish-born landowner-merchant Robert Livingston settles at Albany.

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