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A caution on the methods I use in compiling these timelines. In an ideal world I would have 240 hours each day to track down original sources for each and every date and event mentioned in the files below. And would be up to about the date 1613. However....

Since I don't, you should know that almost all of the material is derived from secondary (if not tertiary) sources. Some may be from a reference such as French's Gazetteer (not necessarily the gospel, BTW), some may be from a local, current newspaper or magaizne article, some from a modern book. Some may be factoids I came across somewhere. If you have any questions on sources, let me know. I'll help if I can, perhaps suggesting other places to search. I may or may not be able to recall my source and will ceratinly try and track it down for you, as soon as possible. I'm as interested in accuracy as you are.

If you have any corrections be sure and let me know. I'll pick up on e-mails much faster if you put smething like "NYNY Corection" or "Timeline Query" in the header. - Thanks, David


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Field Trip Guides:

Canals at Cohoes - October 1980
Cayuga and Seneca Canal - July 1961
Champlain Canal: Northumberland to Whitehall - October 1995
Chenango Canal and Extension - April 1997
Erie Barge Canal - Cold Springs to Montezuma - October 1997
Erie Canal: Buffalo - June 1996
Erie Canal: Buffalo to Lockport - October 1987
Erie Canal: Cohoes to Patersonville - October 1988
Erie Canal" Bushnell's Basin to Medina - May 1995
Genesee Valley Canal: Rochester to Dansville - April 1988
Oneida Lake and Its Canals - May 1998
Two Erie Canals: Montezuma to Camillus - May 1986


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