The Portage Company's lock at the junction with the Wisconsin River is rebuilt by the U. S. Government. ** The Erie Canal system contains 4,350 boats. ** The defunct Genesee Valley Canal is sold to the Genesee Valley Canal Railway Company. ** Improvements are made to the Beard's Stores warehouse pier at Brooklyn's Erie Basin.



French work forces arrive in Panama but are delayed by politics and contractor problems.

The Soo Canal's Weitzel Lock, named for the District Engineer in charge of the construction, opens. ** A French company attempts to build a canal through Greece's Isthmus of Corinth but abandons the project. ** The Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal is finally open for large craft.



U. S. canal engineer William Milnor Roberts dies in Brazil. ** 1,011,287 tons of wheat and corn are shipped on the Illinois and Michigan Canal. ** The French begin a Panamanian canal.



U. S. Army colonel Orlando M. Poe is made Superintending Engineer of the Soo Canal. ** Canada resumes work on the Trent-Severn Waterway.



U. S. canal engineer John Bloomfield Jervis dies in Rome, New York. ** U. S. General Land
Office commissioner Sparks reports that the Portage Lake 'canal' was only a fraud, committed
to gain control of copper-rich Wisconsin lands.



The Erie Basin's graving docks are taken over by Handren & Robins. ** The Tonawanda River Lock of the Erie Canal is damaged by fire.



Canada lets contracts for a canal on its side of the Soo. ** Work on the Trent-Severn Waterway is halted. ** The dike for the Minnesota Canal, having all but disintegrated, is demolished by the U. S. government when it takes over the operation of Duluth harbor.



The Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interoceanique de Panama goes bankrupt.

A vertical boat lift on France's Sensée Canal at Les Fontinettes replaces five locks. ** The extension of New York's Seneca River Towing Path of the Barge Canal between Baldwinsville and Jack's Reef is abandoned.



The New French Panamanian canal company goes broke.

U. S. canal engineer Horatio Allen dies. ** A new French Panamanian canal company is formed. ** Construction begins on Tennessee's second Muscle Shoals Canal.



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